TAC Marketing Growth Plan through software distribution

Today I am going to talk about the final phase of our project. This Phase is about Marketing Growth.

I started up this blog talking about the first steps of The Advertising Currency project.

Opening with details about our plan for Contracted Advertising I explained how contracted ads work. Also explained, was how this will help us create an online store of offline advertising allotments.

I went on to also explain the advertising platform. I explained how this part of The Advertising Currency project will set it project apart from other projects.

Today I want to explain to you the single most important part of The Advertising Currency project. That part of course is our plan to spread TAC throughout the marketing and advertising industry.

Although relatively easy to explain, Marketing Growth is also the part of the project that keeps The Advertising Currency from being a security.

Marketing Growth with software


Marketing Growth with Software

Obviously most people are not programmers or designers. This means most don’t know the marketing growth achieved from giving away free software and free web designs. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to promote.

As you can see from our graphic there are countless types of scripts. We plan to create and distribute as many as we can to help us with marketing growth.

By utilizing free, opensource, and paid scripts we achieve marketing growth without having to do marketing per say.

The great thing about our plan is we are spreading the use of The Advertising Currency to other marketers and advertisers. This means it serves as a two-fold plan. On one side we achieve marketing growth and on the other we spread the advertising currency.

Marketing Growth With PAD Submissions

PAD stands for Portable Application Description specification. This is an xml file format designed to help authors and publishers of software with communications.

It was designed to provide a consistent and standard for communicating content. The content being product descriptions, requirements and other product-specific details to online sources, websites and catalogs.

This file format, among other things, allows for one to easily submit software. They can submit to countless online directories. Sites you may have heard of are cnet, tucows, and hotscripts.

The Marketing Growth Map

So here is a complete mapping of what we expect with software for marketing growth with The Advertising Currency.

First, imagine we have created a piece of software. For the sake of discussion lets say we created an open source shopping cart that utilizes TAC as its method of payment.

Inside the software itself we have added a link to The Advertising Currency project in the source code of every page. We have also added it to the footer of all website scripts and inside the license.

First we can host the software on a number of sites. We want to do so on as many sites as possible. So we start out putting our project on github, on sourceforge, alioth.debian.org, launchpad, OSDN, the list goes on and on.

When we submit the project, we also add links back to our own main Advertising Currency project page within the descriptions.

Finally we submit the hosted project to software directories – ie tucows, hotscripts, cnet, etc. So we end up with a series of directories linking to a series of projects.

Each of those projects links to the main currency page. The main currency page is also found inside each download.

The end result off all this, is countless scripts being in the marketplace that utilize The Advertising Currency. This allows TAC to take on a market value above and beyond our project.


The Advertising Currency is a cryptocurrency project intended to decentralize the industries of advertising and marketing. Our goal is to raise $40 million US dollars during our Initial Coin Offering. Anything less than $1 million US dollars will be refunded at the end of our Initial offering. Our complete plan can be found here.
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