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We told you about the contractual advertising plan for The Advertising Currency yesterday, so today we wanted to talk to you about our advertising platform plan.

Lately it seems everyone wants to ask, “Why should we use The Advertising Currency solution and what makes it different?“. This is logical as TAC is not the only advertising platform nor cryptocurrency solution created.

These solutions all attempt to address the problem of corporate control over the advertising and marketing industry.

So what makes us different? It’s the fact we are not trying to recreate the wheel.

We don’t have a plan to simply create another google style advertising platform.

Utilizing cryptocurrency is part of our plan, however only a small part. We don’t aim to create another Google clone that uses cryptocurrency. We think Google has been doing things wrong in their design and we don’t want to clone that. Instead we plan to fix it.

Google gets it wrong over and over

Google has been trying to figure out the social aspects of the internet for a long time now. The trouble is, they keep getting it wrong.

Excluding hangouts, Google has never had a truly successful social product.

In fact, it seems as the business world has become more social Google has done the opposite. They certainly do not follow their own best use practices.

They don’t interact with the customer, they don’t offer the customer any means of contact, and overall they try to automate their entire business.

This means they left the door wide open for something more interactive in terms of an advertising platform.

OSMP-TAC: Our Advertising Platform SolutionThe Advertising Currency advertising platform

We believe advertising online needs to become much more social. This is a lot easier to accomplish than others seem to understand.

A social experience isn’t about social walls, streams, or telling others what you had for breakfast.

Its about the ability to interact back and forth with others through their content.

It is our belief, the way this is currently being handled  does a disservice to advertisers and to publishers.

The plan for our advertising platform is to create an experience that allows publishers, advertisers and viewers to interact through those ads.

Better targeting of advertising through feedback is our end goal.

The advertising platform solution we will create will be based off a heavily modified version of the Open Source Marketing Platform that we will call OSMP-TAC.

OSMP is already a very powerful marketing platform and with a few tweaks it will also function very well as an advertising platform.

TAC Advertising Platform: Advertisers

As the internet has matured so has the way in which users behave on the internet in terms of best business practices.

Today users are more open with data as long as they understand why it’s being gathered and for what purpose.

Because of these things, fast loading forms asking questions is perhaps the best way to handle interacting with advertisers.

We don’t want to overload advertisers with questions but if they are simple and quick loading, we believe they will happily be answered if its helps ad targeting.

Some basic questions we intend to ask advertisers within the advertising platform are:

  1. Does your ad target? males, females, both.
  2. What age range best fits your target? Under 10, under 16, under 18, 18 – 25, 25 – 40, 40 – 65, 65+.
  3. What is the background color of your ad? transparent, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, etc.
  4. Does your ad sell a product or service? yes or no.
  5. Is your ad animated? yes or no
  6. Is your ad for an agency of some sort? yes or no.
  7. Is your ad for? personal, corporation, company, cooperative, other.
  8. Which would you prefer to target? Personal Sites, Personal Blogs, Company Sites, Companies Blogs, News Sites, Educational Sites, Other.
  9. Do you need location based targeting? yes or no.
  10. Pick the language(s) that your website is in? English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, etc.

This is not an extensive list and it’s something we expect will constantly change and be tweaked with layered questions based on answers of other questions.

This just gives people a general idea of what we are doing and how we plan to go about doing it.

TAC Advertising Platform: Publishers

Publishers are the people who own websites and display ads. These are people who are often incredibly passionate about their websites and the missions of those websites.

The way the current system works is completely unfair to publishers.

Ads displayed on a publisher’s website is something one has little control over. Of that control it almost always comes in the form of after the fact blocking.

Blocking ads after they are displayed is counter productive to a publisher.

Understanding the specific needs of the publisher and understanding their overall reputation we are better about to serve targeted advertising. After all, who knows a target audience better than that of the website owner?

Asking them questions within the advertising platform is the best way to help publishers gain more control just as it was with advertisers.

By asking about their websites, the types of ads they wish to display, and the location of those ads we can better match publishers with advertisers.

Some basic questions we intend to ask publishers within the advertising platform are:

  1. Does your website target? males, females, both.
  2. What age range best fits your target? Under 10, under 16, under 18, 18 – 25, 25 – 40, 40 – 65, 65+.
  3. What is the background color of your website ad space? white, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, etc.
  4. Is your website a blog or news website?
  5. Is your website personal or business?
  6. Are ads the primary source of revenue for your website? yes or no.
  7. How much monthly traffic does your website generate? 1 to 1000 hits, 1000 to 10000 hits, 10000 to 50000 hits, etc.
  8. Do you seek only non-profit ads to be displayed? yes or no.
  9. Do you allow direct competitor advertising to be displayed? yes or no.
  10. Pick the language(s) that your website is in? English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, German, etc.

As was the case with advertisers, these questions are merely samples for you to understand the end goal of obtaining better targeting through a social interactive experience.

We are attempting to increase the targeting of  the advertising by allowing a more direct approach at being interactive with publishers and advertisers.

Existing advertising platforms seem to have a problem of not taking user feedback into account when determining targeting and we think you will agree this approach is much more interactive.

TAC Advertising Platform: End Users

The solution to higher quality advertising through targeting can not be dependent upon these groups. Instead, the public as a whole is needed to partake in the quality process.

A small icon below every ad that allows a user to interact and leave feedback would be a good start, however one needs to understand a user will only interact with an ad if it will improve the overall experience of their visit.

This icon would allow an end user to leave feedback about the advertisement.

This feedback needs to gather exactly why the user is unsatisfied. It could be that the ad was intrusive or it could be that the color scheme didn’t match or perhaps even that an animation was to distracting.

A series of questions with predefined answers is not enough to answer the needs relating to user experience.

What is needed is a combination of questions and a dialog box to allow the user to explain the experience and issues.

The data collected from the end user must be then stored inside the advertising platform.

This must be displayed for the platform admin, the publisher and the advertiser.

TAC Advertising Platform: Contracts

Did you know until Google turned it to a mainstream technique, the per-per-click model was considered a scam?

The pay-per-click model is flawed and unfair to the publisher. It means the publisher ends up getting minimal pay despite it being website that does all the work.

If you have not realized it by now, we love contracts at The Advertising Currency.

Instead of using the pay-per-click model of of advertising, we intend to use a contract based formula.

The size of the website, the amount of traffic it receives, the type of site it is, and the placement of advertising on the page will determine the specific contract a publisher must agree to.

Publishers are shown a contract based on the answers they provided from the questions explained above.

The amount of time a publisher must display ads, the location of those ads on a website, the website the ads must be displayed on and the amount in TAC a publisher will be paid for displaying ads are defined by the contract.

The most logical and fair way to pay publishers is with a flat rate. A fate rate allows publishers to earn based on efforts instead of results.

This makes sense if you understand it takes a user seeing an ad several times before acting on it. It takes the efforts of several publishers displaying an ad for a user to react to it.

TAC Advertising Platform: Summary

Its going to take an advertising platform that is interactive to really break through the trends of Corporate control. Corporations have never understood the human experience and the concept of decentralized cooperation.

Corporations have always been about taking and never about giving. They are about profits, not about fairness and justice. The next generation of marketing and advertising can use this to create something more fair. It is something that cryptocurrency naturally embraces.

It is our belief, this is the only logical step forward.

The Advertising Currency is a cryptocurrency project intended to decentralize the industries of advertising and marketing. Our goal is to raise $40 million US dollars during our Initial Coin Offering. Anything less than $1 million US dollars will be refunded at the end of our Initial offering. Our complete plan can be found here.
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