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The Advertising Currency is a cryptocurrency with goals of decentralizing the advertising and marketing industries through the use of public ledger blockchains.

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TAC Marketing Growth Plan through software distribution

Today I am going to talk about the final phase of our project. This Phase is about Marketing Growth. I started up this blog talking about the first steps of The Advertising Currency project. Opening with details about our plan for Contracted Advertising I explained how contracted ads work. Also explained, wasRead More…

Advertising Platform utilizing TAC Token

evil google

We told you about the contractual advertising plan for The Advertising Currency yesterday, so today we wanted to talk to you about our advertising platform plan. Lately it seems everyone wants to ask, “Why should we use The Advertising Currency solution and what makes it different?“. This is logical asRead More…

Contracted Advertising – TAC Token

Amy and I (Bruce) went to Denver Startup Week last week to see who we could meet and share the advertising currency with. This is a week long event with over 300 sessions relating to starting up companies. They had sessions on everything from using accelerators and incubators, to legal topicsRead More…

Because advertising and marketing is an art, the solution to each new problem or challenge should begin with a blank canvas and an open mind, not with the nervous borrowings of other peoples mediocrities. Thats precisely what trends are - a search for something safe - and why a reliance on them leads to oblivion. ----- George Lois
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